The Macintosh and I were born the same year and I have grown up with an Apple-logo-bearing device in my hand ever since (ahem, not including the ‘clone’ years). While I realize the internet doesn’t need another Steve Jobs post I just can’t let his passing go by without acknowledging his impact on my life. While it seems bizarre to feel connected to someone I’ve never everything I ever taught myself to do on a computer I taught myself on a Mac, because that’s what the Macintosh is about: fostering creativity. Certainly the Mac played a role in my career choices, and with the countless hours I’ve spent doing perhaps less-productive things on Macs, iPods and iPhones—as far as I’m concerned Steve and I go way back.

But really, since other people have said it much better, here are some of my favorites:
Stephen Fry’s brilliant take
Reactions from Gates, Woz, etc.
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Truly, his vision and inspiration will be missed.

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